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An ‘Aficionado’ is someone who enjoys, is knowledgeable about, and values a particular interest or activity, such as Coffee. Cafe Aficionados is plural to address all coffee lovers with the same passion.

Basically, a coffee connoisseur or aficionado knows everything there is to know about coffee. This means you are familiar with different roasts. It is clear what type of bean is in front of you (and where it comes from). You also know the different flavors of those beans, the different ways to brew them in a cup, and the specialty drinks you can make with them.

The most rewarding thing about being a Coffee Aficionado is, you’re always up to date with the latest coffee trends.

A coffee connoisseur has tried everything. There is no denying that they know what they like and how to make it. But what makes it enjoyable for them is the process of making coffee and the satisfaction they get from the finished product and share the knowledge with others. This can be done via a blog (website) or offering coffee related products, tips & tricks to other people who just love coffee.

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Here is how Merriam Webster defines the word Aficionado:

The affection an aficionado has for their favorite subject isn’t merely emotional—it’s also etymological. Back in the early 1800s, English borrowed aficionado from the past participle of the Spanish verb aficionar, which means “to inspire affection.” That verb comes from the Spanish noun afición, meaning “affection.” Both Spanish words trace to the Latin affectiō (which is also an ancestor of the English word affection). Affectiō, in turn, is from afficere (“to influence”) and gave English speakers the noun and verb affect.

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