In these days, humanity is waking up and questioning the forced injections that were demanded by probably paid health professionals, leaders and social media Influencers. I do not want to make any claims, but there are a lot of people with first hand experience with what we have been going trough during the past few years.

This domain name can be used to stand out of the crowd, not only for Italian speakers, but for the entire world population. Inezione ( inje’tsjone ) means Injection in Italian and gives the domain name an extra advantage. The domain name for Iniezi.one cannot be any shorter and should certainly trigger some interest or make it more noticeable than other domain names.

Please contact us or submit your order directly with dan.com so that the transfer and purchase can be processed without any delays and any risk for both parties.


Disclaimer: *** Image by wirestock on Freepik

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