I have a new domain, now what, part I

Now, as you have secured your premium domain name, you need to decide what to do with it. Do you want to host your own website and program your content or do you want to use out of the box solutions, such as WordPress. This article talks about Easy WordPress hosting we offer through our partner Namecheap!

However, if you did not secure a domain name yet, you can search for a good domain name using this search box:

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Now, after registering your domain name, you need to think about what content you want to offer and what publishing solution you want to use. It all depends on what your plans are. Most of the small business websites, such as dentists, car repair shops, photographers and others use WordPress. More about this later. The reason why we mention this at this stage is, that depending on your needs, you need to make sure that the hosting company you want to use offers the services you need at an affordable price.

If you think of having one website and only use WordPress, my preferred company Namecheap offers EasyWP that gives you all you need to setup your WordPress based website. They probably offer the most affordable and reliable WP Solution on the market. Click here for pricing information:

“This isn’t just cheap WordPress Hosting. With EasyWP, your WordPress website is managed by our very own optimized cloud technology, giving you that “set-and-forget” experience. This unique infrastructure is designed to let each and every website live and grow quickly, without hiccups.”


In the next post, we will describe what other options you have besides WordPress Hosting and which solution we have selected and why.

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