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The latest Twitter Files drop shows that there was and probably still is a lot of Psyops and Brainwashing going on the social media platforms, such as Fakebook and Instapound. We have a great premium domain name to expose the mind control Governments around the world are unleashing on ‘We, the People’ . The enemies include the WTF Forum and other organizations with main goal to control the population. with a plan where “You won’t own anything and will be happy”.

Rent or purchase GovernMindControl.com before someone else does.

Please follow these Twitter Files drops and learn about things that many of us were talking about for years but were silenced by the social media and governments. Below the latest drops as of today this post is being published.


Fitness Business Ideas: FitnessPatriot.com

In today’s article, we delve into the idea of starting a profitable Fitness Business. We came across the article below and hope you enjoy it. We do not have any affiliation to the publisher of the website below. To get your business started, we have a great premium domain and business name FitnessPatriot.com available for you. Contact us for details if you have questions.

Below a Step-by-Step guide from Nerdwallet.

Below an article outlining Fitness Business Models:

What Fitness Business Model Is Right for Your Business?

Disclaimer: We do not offer business and legal advice. When you setup a new business entity, you need to do your own research and verify with your local law requirements prior registering a new business.


Why not starting a Liquidation Business?

We offer some interesting domain names to get you started. A premium domain name that is easy to remember and that reflects you business and/or business model help a lot to get your business recognized and remembered by your customers. Visualize your business and how the logo could look like:

LiquidationOne.com Usual dot.com domain – for entrepreneurs who like the dot.com way of doing business. Alternatively, you could register a shorter version such as Liquidation.One (like above, but without the com). The name is short and easy to remember.

Liquidazi.One Adding some pizzazz to your business by using an Italian Name? Why not? Liquidazione in Italian means, as you guessed, Liquidation. This could be a great domain name if you liquidate European products to be sold on the global market. The name is short and easy to remember.

SmartLiquidate.com Easy to remember name for smart customers and smart entrepreneurs. Smart is a very high value key word and easy to remember


Last but not last, Liquidati.Online is a catchy domain name, merging the last 2 letters of liquidation and the first 2 letters of online together. Standing out from the crowd often helps to make a statement.


To get you started, we did some research and found this interesting article for you to get you intrigued (we do not have any affiliation or interest invested in the website listed below). For questions in regards to the article below, please contact the author of the article from their website.

If you want to be your own boss, starting your own liquidation business is a great, doable option. Plus with the rising rate of inventory available, the ability to get your hands on quality, brand-name merchandise at bargain-basement prices, has never been easier. While companies liquidate their merchandise when theyÔÇÖre about to shut down, liquidation is also a smart part of any retailerÔÇÖs or manufacturerÔÇÖs reverse logistics business plan. And this is great news for anyone wanting to start a liquidation business.

How to Start a Liquidation Business

Disclaimer: We do not offer business and legal advice. When you setup a new business entity, you need to do your own research and verify with your local law requirements prior registering a new business.

Das Mass Ist Voll

Das mittelhochdeutsche “m├óze” bezeichnete eine abgegrenzte Ausdehnung oder Beschr├Ąnkung in Raum, Gewicht und Kraft sowie im ideellen Sinne ein Ma├čhalten (M├Ą├čigung) oder Selbstbeherrschung. Heute bezeichnet Ma├č vorwiegend Messinstrumente im Sinne linearer Erstreckung (Ma├čband) oder r├Ąumlichen Fassungsverm├Âgens (Hohlma├č), daraus abgeleitet auch den Anteil desjenigen, das gemessen wird (das Ma├č vollmachen, “ein ger├╝ttelt Ma├č”).

Die meisten Redensarten aus diesem Bereich stellen negative Bewertungen dar, die sich auf ├ťbertreibungen, Ma├člosigkeiten und Ungerechtigkeiten (“mit zweierlei Ma├č messen”) beziehen. In Wortbildungen wird Ma├č- auch auf ├Ąsthetische Dimensionen (ebenm├Ą├čig), K├Ârpergr├Â├če (Gardema├č) oder Zeiteinheiten (Zeitma├č, Versma├č) bezogen.

Die Redensart “das Ma├č ist voll” geht auf die alten Denkzettel und S├╝ndenregister (siehe auch “das geht auf keine Kuhhaut”) zur├╝ck. Wenn in Lateinschulen das Ma├č eines Sch├╝lers voll war, drohte ihm die Pr├╝gelstrafe, und er wurde gema├čregelt

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Quelle: https://www.redensarten-index.de

The power of ONE!

Besides the popular .com, .net, .org, there are a lot of additional TLD’s*. One of these is .ONE. Top Level Domain names are very useful to transform the entire domain name as a whole, without having an additional TLD. For example, Google is using goo.gl and LinkedIn is using Linked.in. We did some brainstorming and came up with a few domain names, mostly targeting the Italian market.

The issuer of this TLD has already reserved very popular domain names, such as panett.one, lim.one, mascarp.one to name a few. You are certainly familiar with the meaning of these words as shown below!

We have reserved some popular domain names that may be of interest to you.

  • Seduzi.one – Seduction – no further explanation needed
  • Abitazi.one – Abitazione – Means, dwelling, home – Maybe Habitat for Humanity rings a bell?
  • Affar.one – Affarone – Great deal in a sense, you made a great bargain with a purchase.
  • Edizi.one – Edizione: Edition. Great domain name for an online News blog or if you intend to write or sell 1st Edition products. The ‘One’ is figuratively also suggesting 1st Edition
  • Educazi.one – Education. Ideal domain name for online courses and educational books. Maybe rating website for Colleges and Universities?
  • Iniezi.one – Injection – A domain name for the medical field or blogging about … you know what I mean.
  • lozi.one – Lotion – for beauty or personal care related websites…
  • Ragi.one – Reason – inspired by an Italian News agency La Ragione
  • Selezi.one – Selection – inspired by the ‘Reader’s Digest’ publication. The Italian version (if still exists) is called ‘Selezione’.
  • Liquidazi.one – Liquidation. For auction houses and liquidation services. Popular these days as companies can sell their overstock online with this eye catching domain name

We are negotiating with domain name owners for similar high value domain names.

Another use for the .One TLD is for companies who market themselves as No. 1 in the business or have the word or number One in their registered name. Below a few ideas:

Liquidation.one This would be a easy to remember and compelling domain name for a liquidation project or company name.

Monochrome.one A great domain name for photo labs and/or photographers (product, landscape, real estate photography)

We hope this article is inspiring you.



* A TLD (top-level domain) is the most generic domain in the Internet’s hierarchical DNS (domain name system). A TLD is the final component of a domain name, for example, “org” in developer.mozilla.org.

Disclaimer: We do not offer business and legal advice. When you setup a new business entity, you need to do your own research and verify with your local law requirements prior registering a new business.